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An original soundtrack to an imaginary fantasy world.

From Bandcamp:

"A collection of most of my contemporary classical compositions to date, arranged for various ensembles, ranging from small chamber to full orchestra. Some of these compositions date back to 2015, when I first starting composing (decent) art music. Others are newer compositions, composed as program music intended specifically for use within a video game soundtrack. Regardless of this distinction, all of the music here is intentionally presented as a video game soundtrack, and serves as a proof of concept.

released April 24, 2021

Composed, arranged, mixed, and mastered by dangelobenjamin.

Pomp and Circumstance and Waltz in D Minor were engineered by Ramin. Beach Vibes is also composed by Christopher D'Angelo.

Artwork by Nikki Israel.

all rights reserved"


The Playable Portfolio

Symphonic Invention, but it's a Zelda mod.

For use with ModLoader64 and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Use the buttons below to visit ModLoader64's website or to learn more about the project. (Disclaimer: Nintendo owns all the rights to The Legend of Zelda).