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For the past several years creating and working on these songs has kept me busy and sane. Along the way I met some friends, and invited them to be a part of this album. In a world altered by a global pandemic, being able to share these virtual collaborations is an amazing feeling and I am so grateful for those experiences in particular. In general, I am so excited to share this project. It is filled to the brim with my heart and soul.

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A collection of most of my contemporary classical compositions to date, arranged for various ensembles, ranging from small chamber to full orchestra. Some of these compositions date back to 2015, when I first starting composing (decent) art music. Others are newer compositions, composed as program music intended specifically for use within a video game soundtrack. Regardless of this distinction, all of the music here is intentionally presented as a video game soundtrack, and serves as a proof of concept.



A mix of European classical and modern electronic music, Neoclassic blurs the line between genres. It opens and closes with bombastic and thunderous electronic orchestral pieces, features piano solos, an operatic aria, and a dubstep piece straight out of 2010. Available for streaming only on YouTube, or for purchase on Bandcamp.

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Psychoacoustics is in a genre of its own. It's electronic yet organic. It serenades the listener with futuristic electronic sounds, but also with retro analog warmth. It's meek yet bold. It reluctantly tells the story of emotional turmoil while coursing with energy. To be less dramatic, it is a six song EP by the indie artist dangelobenjamin. Available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and many more streaming services, and for purchase directly from the artist on bandcamp.