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Music is an enormous part of my life. Professionally, I'm involved in education and performance. As an amateur, I'm a creator making diverse content.

If you were to ask me "why music," I would tell you that it's something that fulfills me in every way possible. Yet, I feel as though I am not interested in music entirely for myself. Music has a special transformative power. Sonic experiences hold this incredible ability to change a person almost instantaneously. The world around us is a symphony on its own, and just tuning into nature, or the sounds of the city, can be a meditative and spiritual experience. Music, and community, creating and expressing oneself while dancing or singing with others, is a purpose we all share. We all have a purpose to share joy with each other, and, in a way, to make music.

It is my sincere hope that the people who listen to my music are moved, inspired, and otherwise positively impacted.

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